Friday, October 31, 2008

Wow, I was reminded I have not posted here in some time....

It is true I have been very busy working
both on my own customer projects and shooting for Neal Cowen,
mainly as his location/school photographer.

While this has been fun and profitable
it has kept me from many other projects

Which brings me to my simple tip(s)
Batch actions and tools that save time

What we do to save time when working on images......

1) stay out of PhotoShop unless you need to do art work with layers
2) use actions whenever possible while in PhotoShop to save time
3) find DAM (digital asset management) tools that help you get things done faster

A few DAM tool recommendations......

LightRoom by Adobe (By far the best method to help you stay out of PhotoShop)
Thumbs Plus from
ACDSee from

Gotta run I will try and come back with more tips soon
and remember you are welcome to email or post questions right here !