Friday, March 5, 2010

Knowing your lens speed and other terms is important

esp if your going to be pulled in front of Judge Joe Bown
he knows a few things about photography

But more important is to know these terms and how they appy in our craft
so we provide quality products to our customers

A coleague of mine saw the meta tag and exif data for the files that this wedding images were from
The photographer shot the images at High ISO medium jpg file size, under exposed them
then tried to have a working professional recover the mistakes in PhotoShop, of course the damage had be done and they were not fixable !

Small file size compressed files are not suitable for enlargements
High ISO causes Noise (image degradation)
Under exposure increases artifacts in images esp if those files all ready have increased noise in the files
Slow glass, a lens that only allows us to open up to f 5.7 is not the right choice for available or candle lighted weddings where no flash is allowed

Here is the link to the Vid