Sunday, August 26, 2007

glimpses of our new camera room....

glimpses of our new camera room

while not finished our first portrait session in the new large camera room was 25 August 2007


Sharron said...

Looks like it's coming along pretty good. I'll be coming for a visit soon!

Steve said...

yes, so you say
I won't hold my breath :)

Sharron said...

Is that sarcasm?

Steve said...

never hears that (Sarcasm) from me :)
cheers !
It is 20 September and I still am "Not Holding my Breath"

JimHeywood said...

Hi Steve. I came across your (very good) blog while googling for ideas on building my own camera room, just as you have. I wonder if you could share more info or perhaps sources you may have used. What you would do differently, or what you can't do without, or whatever.
Jim Heywood
Moroni, Utah