Thursday, October 11, 2007

creating Templates in Photoshop How to Movies

Below is a link to an old How To Movie I created several years ago
a student recently asked me for some tips on creating templates

The movie shows this very slowly
in fact you even get to watch me make mistakes and back up
some have said that is good because it allows them to follow along easier
(since I have many templates saved in my computer I rarely create new ones and was very rusty when I made these movies, I hope they will be of value to some one)

click here to see the movie

Now how to use that Template..........
Templates How to use them....

Creating Templates of your own is pretty easy
all you are doing is staring with a canvas (a palet)
use a solid color like black

then make cutouts by selecting areas and creating a new layer from that selection

as you work you will end up with more layers for each new cutout

most people understand this part, but a movie on how to use this template
once you have it made may be of a benefit

so here it is...................

A movie on How to Use a Template that you created

Also instead of a black base (bottom layer)
you can have any image
easiest method is start with the new canvas and then drag an image for the background on to that canvas
Like an image of Fall Foliage
You could also have a white base and the fall foliage could be less opaque
just use the opacity slider for the layer that contains the foliage
Each time you need to duplicate a layer just use the short cut of Cntrl-J

Need help or are confused simply email me
I am always glad to help


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