Tuesday, May 5, 2009

PS tip you might love

If you have spots on your high key floor or even zits. Use the dust and scraches filter. Set it until the spots disappear even though it will be very blurry. Apply the filter, select the snapshot in the history pallet, then undo the action. Take the history brush and click on the snapshot in the history pallet and select darken or lighten (depending on which you need to do) and brush away those spots very quickly. I use it for some of my retouching too.

When doing kissables or some other template. make a selection hit shift-ctrl-V to paste into your selection. Ctrl-T to transform. and hold the shift key down as you re-size draging the corner in or out to maintain perspective without distorting the image.

I made my own shortcut for packaging wallets 8 to a sheet since that is the way I send them to the lab shift-ctrl-Q

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