Saturday, April 12, 2014

Wow been awhile since I posted here and now it's summer !!!

Summer means the hours of daylight in each day are longer, so how come I don't have enough hours in the day to get everything done !

Amazing how life works like that, a long time ago I used to fight Boredom, amazing how much I would embrace a lazy day or two :)

This summer we take two of our youngest in the extended family to Disney Zo and I are really looking forward to that.

Meanwhile I hope to teach at least one summer seminar at BPCC stay tuned for more on that, looking at a September time frame 6 - 8 day class, Non credit

Next year Stacie owner of Time2Remeber Portrait Artist will be here in Bossier and we will teach a three day hands on class on Posing, lighting and workflow Lighting will be inside and outside with portable flash as well as studio equipment Emphasis will be on use of simple tools that will save you money and help you create images your clients will pay you for :)

Yes this is now a year a way, scheduled now for June of 2015 so plan now as time fly's when your having fun

Meanwhile watch for tips and tricks here I will be sharing of use of PhotoShop's new CC as well as many other things you may find of interests

Speaking of which, YOU.....

please email or post here things you would like to see me speak about

would you be interested in a 3 hour One day short seminar or something else entirely ?

Have a safe summer !

Cheers! Steve

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