Friday, December 7, 2007

Scams....... Geared towards photographers

here is a typical email that is designed (although the grammar is poor)
to get you excited and contact them
once they have you interested the con begins

I am Thomas, I will like to let you know that I need a photographer who will coverage for the upcoming event which will take place by 31th of this mouth,2007 at California (CA), and I will want you to send the quotation including the transportation charges which will take you to the venue so I will like to read from you so that I can contact my client who also wish to come for the event that I have get a good photographer that will cover the event kindly get back to me with the quote and the payment will be make via cashier's check and let me know the name and address,phone number where the payment will be address to and I will let you know that the event is [meeting]but the event will be 1hour 30mins.So I will contact my client as soon as possible that I have found a good and reliable person to cover the event.Thanks.


The con is rather simply they will offer to pay you and pay you well
the catch is they will pay you with a bank check that is no good
although it will look real and can be deposited into your bank, but the check is worthless
just like any bad check you end up not having that money in your account after a few days

Here is where the con is smart..........
they will ask you to pay a third party, usually their wedding coordinator or even a videographer that they have already "secured"
this third party is part of the scam.

If you do as requested by the time you find their check was worthless
you have already used a check from your account to wire this third person money
and are out a few thousand dollars of your own real money.

These scams have been around on the internet for some time and change in exact wording from time to time

Remember if it sounds too good to be true it usually is not

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