Tuesday, April 22, 2008

High Speed sync with Flash the Radio Popper way

above image was same equipment but flash needed to be closer in
however shutter speed was 1/1600
aperature was f 3.2
70-200mm Canon lens at focal length of 108mm

yesterday I got to use some new gear from http://www.RadioPopper.com
and just in time as it was a session that had to be done during noon day sun on a bright and sunny day

These radio control devices are unlike traditional radio control of flash they maintain the Canon (and Nikon) High speed flash capability


Equipment and settings
Canon 5D 50 ISO
Canon 550EX Flash Off Camera with a radiopopper receiver
controlled by Canon St-e2 with a radiopopper transmitter
Shutter speed 1/320 aperature at f 2.8
Bright and sunny day noon day image taken at 1:10 pm

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