Saturday, April 26, 2008

A new Battery unit for your flash....

Victor Green shared news about this item with me

BVSPulsar Battery Unit



Steve said...

While I did not try the unit Victor spoke about

I did recently purchase two sets of new Duracell Recharge ables

Along with their new charger,
this charge is really sleek
and allows charging from conventional ac mains (house hold outlet) as well as from within the car using a cigarette lighter socket (adapter plug is provided for this)

I have done two weddings with these batteries and so far so good, I still carry a set of alkaline as spare

Kurus said...

Don't bother with the BVSPulsar unit, it fried my flash, and thier custoemr service has been non existant. it'staken weeks of e-mail to get responses ad now they have dropped off the face of the earth.