Sunday, July 22, 2007

Caution ! Scams geared at artists

Below is a recent post on The Pro4Um about a scam targeting photographers and other wedding vendors (more on the pro4um may be found here) by a friend of mine Michael Plumeyer

Originally Posted by Doug Box
Dear Members,
I received an email from a fellow member warning about someone scamming photographers. I wanted to pass this on to you.
Let me know if she is in your area.
Doug Box
TPPA Executive Director

There is a woman named Paula Jacobs, who is selling ad's for a bogus magazine...Elegant Traditions, Premier Wedding and Bridal planning guide. She is from Nacogdoches, but has hit Dallas and as far away as Jefferson, she got us in Tyler pretty hard.
Several of us in this part of the state have purchased ads from her for major $$ ...mine was a $600. quarter page ad, friends have bought the back cover for $1800, and $2000. She is targeting wedding vendors, photographers, florists, caterers, venues, bed and breakfasts etc.... She has been selling ads and ours were purchased from November to April...It was to be a Spring issue that would be distributed to all of the college dorms and bridal shops in the East Texas area...the magazine was never published and never will be.
Complaints were filed with the BBB. We are working with a detective at the Tyler PD...I have a meeting with him in the morning 7/19 at 8:30. Her response to the BBB complaint was that she was filing for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy....The bankruptcy court has not received anything as of this afternoon on her...we think she is lying about that too. We are afraid she is moving into the College Station area and getting ready to hit you guys pretty hard....She is a fraud deluxe...and there is NO Magazine!!! She is very smooth and very persistant.
Call me on Thurs. ....and I will tell you all about it...but beware if she has hit your neighborhood!!!

just be careful who you give your hard earned money to
do some research, call your chamber of commerce and BBB and ask them
look on the internet, not just at the website of the person wanting in your wallet
do a google search and find discussions on the person or product


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