Friday, July 13, 2007

Inspiration from another working Pro and his use of Producer

Not often enough do I really look at other photographers work, glances yes
but not in depth

Occasionally we find images so powerful that they demand a closer look

The work of Mark Ridout, is just that demanding and powerful

He has embraced the power of digital presentation and uses Photodex Producer
to provide some very very powerful shows. The ones I really enjoyed were on page 7
His Wedding Vision, was but one.

Notice the lack of spinning transitions but smooth yet powerful layouts



Sharron said...

I think it is great to look at other professionals and gleen inspiration from them. The biggest thing is making sure that you try to not become a copier of other people's work. Be an individual.

Steve said...

Very true !

Your work and mine is different even though we have worked together several times.

It's like our personality, but yes there are some that just simply copy or mimic what others do.
I guess some have that style of personality, too :)

There is a greater value in learning from others and adding those ideas as tools to our tool chest, while maintaining our individual style.

One thing I plan on simply coping is his use of a "mask" in layouts for the Safe zone in the video production.

Cheers !


Michelle said...

Wow! I loved his was well worth the thirty minutes I spent viewing most of it. The sharpness and color in his images were outstanding! It helps a bit to be able to photograph around such beautiful sceneries huh?