Monday, July 9, 2007

Flash Sites from adobe Lightroom

Just a couple of LightRoom Tips...

Adobe Lightroom is a powerful tool for photo organization and processing.

One of its many features is the capability to generate web photo galleries

from a user specified collection of photos.

Lightroom comes equipped with two basic galleries,

one HTML-based and the the other Flash-based, and offers colorful variations each.

From my perspective, however, Christophe Beyl’s Slimbox is a far more simple and elegant approach to galleries.

Flash galleries take an eternity to load but flash versus html sites is a different Marketing topic


Sharron said...

Flash is a pain...especially for people that still have dial-up. There are more people out there with dial-up than you would think.

However, flash is sleek and eye-catching....and it makes it a little more difficult for people to copy the images. They can still do it, but it is more than just a save image one clicker.

Steve said...


There is also the argument of what is your demographics, or rather what is the demographics of your target customer base.

IOW do the client's you want have enough disposable income that they have three cars, a boat a 4 wheeler and DSL

or a pick-up truck, three kids in school and no internet connection

No I am not picking on those with trucks !

But I think you get the idea.

It is just another way of qualifying your customer, of course we want to be careful and not eliminate those we want

Sharron, great point !