Friday, January 18, 2008

Holly Crap Batman (when you loose data on your laptop)

My Lap Top Hard drive recently decided it went from too cold to to warm and decided it had to be recovered with the OEM recover to original manufacture state

O.K. no big deal as I have all of my software
stored in the original boxs etc

Just means an opportunity to start with a clean hard drive

Except I forgot my Adobe CS3 License code
but that software is on my desktop
but the lic code is hidden !

Then I found this free and Safe to use tool........

Download Belarc Advisor (free), and it will give you a list of all installed software & serial/license numbers.



Sharron said...

You just now found out about Belarc? What rock have ou been under?

Steve said...

well I am just not the computer geek that some are :)