Wednesday, January 2, 2008

When I find a product that works for me I love to shout about it....

I love this little Flip Album tool "FlashPalette Album"

Because it is so darn easy to use
and because it preloads images and then while a viewer is clicking on the pages it loads more images in the background
no waiting for the file streaming to catch up like I have seen on other on line albums

and of course it comes from a company I trust and know that tech support (if needed) will be there

I have no intrests in the company by the way other than I am already using two of their Pallete's for our website

IOW This is an unbiased view of a Product I like
and plan on purchasing the license very very soon

Click here to see my very first Flip Album made with the trial version of yhis tool from

cheers !


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